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Balance 3H+ Program

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Hormone Imbalance in Westchester

If you are struggling to lose weight—no matter how little you eat or how grueling your exercise routine is—you may be suffering from a simple and treatable hormonal imbalance. The key to correcting these pesky imbalances is to confront the problem, along with NY Health and Wellness’ integrated wellness approach and its patented Balance 3-H Weight Loss Program. The Balance 3-H program is a scientifically formulated and proven way to balance your hormone levels and guarantees up to a 20 pound weight loss in your first month! It is designed to help you balance hormones naturally and features an individually customized plan that includes blood panels, vitamins and supplements, dietary changes, an individualized fitness routine, stress management and sleep techniques, among other recommendations that are tailored to your individual lifestyle.

Hormones are biochemicals in our bodies that regulate several biological processes including metabolism, growth and development, reproductive functions, libido, and even mood. They essentially serve as our bodies’’ chemical messengers, travelling through the bloodstream to relay messages to organs and tissues. When hormones fall out of balance, we encounter multiple health issues such as fatigue, irritability, mood swings, poor digestion, and of course, weight gain. When a hormone imbalance is not treated properly, these symptoms can persist.  The good news is that there are many ways to balance your hormones naturally and, in turn, help you lose that stubborn weight you’ve been trying to shed.

If you suspect that a hormonal imbalance may be slowing or halting your weight loss, please call today for an appointment: (914) 703-4811