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Balance 3H Plus® Reboot 15 by Fitness Director Lisa Avellino

Balance 3H Plus Reboot 15How to Manage Cortisol

Exercise in the right dose can be a highly effective stress reliever, but overdoing it can have the reverse effect. Too much physical stress on the body can trigger the release of cortisol – a hormone that may already be elevated during menopause. Cortisol can wreak havoc on fitness efforts by causing unhealthy food cravings and directing the body to store fat. Therefore, we recommend keeping workouts short but intense, to prevent excessive cortisol release and improve recovery time.

Circuit Training Workouts

Our Reboot program features a number of targeted circuit training workouts – short 15-minute routines, which work multiple muscle groups in one session. All of the participants in our Reboot program found that shorter, smarter workouts yielded faster and better results than longer routines.*INDIVIDUALS RESULTS MAY VARY

We recommend completing these routines with little rest between each circuit to keep your heart rate high throughout the workout. This provides cardiovascular benefits while also keeping workout sessions shorter and more efficient.*INDIVIDUALS RESULTS MAY VARY

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