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Amber Landsman

Amber Head ShotAmber Landsman holds a B.A. in Experimental Psychology, an MSc in Physiology and Wellness, and is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach specializing in real food nutrition. She is also an NSCA-certified personal trainer and YogaFit-Certified Yoga Teacher. As National Spokesperson for Balance 3H+® Metabolic Breakthrough Weight Loss Program, Amber believes that real change begins from the inside out––both chemically and emotionally––by getting our hormones in balance.

Amber has helped hundreds of women, men and young adults get healthy, lean, fit, and free from the Standard American Diet, which she believes is a major contributor to our diseased state. She strives to merge the drive for body change with the concept of self-acceptance and introspection, especially for women, many of whom struggle with body-esteem issues. “My passion and purpose is in learning and teaching, and using my skills and experience to create something bigger than myself, in order to reach and help more people,” she says.

Amber has appeared weekly as contributing Fitness and Wellness Consultant on WKBN News and ESPN Radio 1240 (Youngstown, OH) and is author of the blog