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Our Approach


We are deeply committed to elevating the wellness-consciousness of our community and society, at large.


Have you been suffering from a chronic health condition that has not improved from traditional treatments like prescription medications? Do you have symptoms—like fatigue, weight gain, bloating, and insomnia—that continue to persist, even after you made seemingly smart changes to your diet and exercise routine? Do you feel like you hit a wall (and a weight loss plateau) on your wellness journey?   


We understand your frustration and want to help you get some real answers, so that you can get some real results. At NY Health & Wellness, we don’t simply treat your isolated symptoms with a pill. It is our mission to identify the root cause(s) of your health problems.

We believe in looking at the whole picture of your health. Taking a patient-centered approach, we take into consideration virtually all facets of YOU: your unique genetic makeup, health history, life experiences, diet (both quantity and quality of what you eat), stress levels, sleep habits, exercise routine, exposure to toxins, as well as any additional information we glean from your comprehensive blood panel, in which we check for hormonal imbalances, genetic mutations, allergies, and build up of environmental toxins or heavy metals.

Armed with this extensive information, our highly experienced practitioners then do some detective work to determine what is causing your body not to function properly.  You may be surprised what we discover—perhaps it is imbalanced hormones, inflammation, vitamin D deficiency, unhealthy gut flora, a gluten intolerance, (or all of the above, as they are often related) that is causing your ailments. Once we uncover the often-interconnected source(s) of your symptoms, we devise a personalized treatment plan, designed to permanently alleviate those symptoms, reverse chronic disease while preventing future disease, and ensure true, sustainable wellness. Our treatment programs seamlessly integrate traditional Western Medicine, such as prescription medications (if needed), with alternative practices such as nutrition, exercise, vitamins and other natural supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, as well as stress-management and mind-body techniques such as acupuncture.

Our team of skilled practitioners is highly adept in the areas of: female and male hormonal health, anti-aging, fertility, neuromuscular pain management, digestive troubles, stress reduction, and preventative medicine.
At the NY Health & Wellness Center, we steadfastly believe in your innate capacity to heal and live your best, most fulfilling life. To us you are family, inherently unique and meriting total healthcare. You are not your illness, malaise, or number on a scale. You are, rather, a core instrument in the symphony of life. As such, every part of your physical and cognitive wellbeing must be in harmony.  At NYHW, we seek to partner with you on your healing journey towards this optimal wellness. We look forward to meeting you and working together.